I met this sweet couple at their maternity session where they were willing to come to one of my new favorite locations over in IL. I never know what to expect when I meet a couple or family for the first time but it’s one of my favorite parts of my job! I love chatting and getting to know people so it’s fun to meet new friends!
As we shot and talked and got to know one another I learned that Dad was being deployed just a week or so after the maternity session. Luckily they were just making him report to a base in another state so he could fly back for the birth – but then he would only get to be with his new baby for a week before leaving the country for a year.
I can’t even imagine how impossibly hard that is for all involved and it’s why I always donate to Operation Shower (https://operationshower.org/) – I just gave them a $300 gift card and I can’t wait to meet the family that bought it!
Anyway, I am SO glad that they invested in maternity, Fresh 48 and Newborn photos – each session was more beautiful than the last and it was so special to capture this time in their lives.
Dad got to be at the Fresh 48 Session and I won’t lie – I totally cried during the session even though they were being so strong.
And then at the Newborn Mini I got to capture Mom and Grandma together which I love b/c Grandma will be helping with baby Gwen this year so it’s a very special time for her too.
Being a part of people’s lives during the best and worst of times is what makes my job so uniquely special – and this family will be cemented in my heart forever.