I started offering “All About Me” sessions a while ago because I simply adore the ones my friend Shalonda does way down in Texas and we need some of that cuteness in St. Louis! But no one ever booked one. I’ve had parents do a sort of mini version of that session but never the full-on-just-about-their-kid-being-themselves IN THIS MOMENT session I dreamed of.  And really, we could have used more props and created some home-spun ideas to bring with us but mom just wanted her boy to be able to hunt bad guys and be himself. I’m ALL for simple! I could have a masters degree in hunting bad guys because of Gray and I LOVE LOVE LOVE capturing kids just being themselves so I was totally on board with Wyatt’s sweet mom!

You guys.

I could have eaten this kid with a spoon (as my Mother-in-law would say). His big dark eyes, that mop of hair and the stories he told me will make this one of my favorite sessions so far this year!

20140416-FAP_1112b 20140416-FAP_1132b 20140416-FAP_1142b 20140416-FAP_1172b 20140416-FAP_1222b



He was actually just nervous being up kind of high but he looks a little like Spiderman to me so I kept this shot!

20140416-FAP_1251b 20140416-FAP_1264b

I posted this shot on Facebook today because it’s sort of how I felt about it being Monday! HA!

20140416-FAP_1294b 20140416-FAP_1334b

He was CRACKING ME UP with his Superhero poses! SO funny! See him pointing his toe? Love it!

20140416-FAP_1345b 20140416-FAP_1373bwb

Then we had a quick outfit change so mom could get some simple portraits of her sweet 4 year old!

20140416-FAP_1387b 20140416-FAP_1423bwb 20140416-FAP_1449b 20140416-FAP_1458b

Your kiddo could be into fighting bad guys like Wyatt or horses like my Parker Jane. They could love trains, planes or automobiles. Animals, candy, a special book, sports, an instrument or ANYTHING. If your child is into something (and we know all kids are into something!) let’s capture them in their element! Kids LOVE to see themselves with their favorite things or doing their favorite activity so fill their walls with something they’ll cherish! And I promise it will be the most fun you’ve ever had at a photo session!

Details HERE for the All About Me Session!