I’m joining my friend Erin with a 10 on Tuesday post tonight!

1. Still no computer. This is day six and I think I might be losing my mind. I can’t edit. I can’t work on design projects (like two new baby albums I’ll be offering in 2013!!!). I can email, read blogs, cruise FB and I feel like that’s it. It’s driving me insane. The ordered a part today because I guess my logic board was bad? Whatever. Hoping it comes tomorrow!

2. Can I please get some sympathy from other photographers? Can you guys imagine not editing for 7+ days this time of year? Let’s see. Right now I have about 15 sessions due to be finished in the next two weeks and then I think I have 18 sessions to shoot before next Sunday! I am starting to feel like I’m drowning and I hate that because I wouldn’t feel that way if I had my computer.

3. When I get busy I start to hermit. I hide. And stop answering my phone. And want to be alone all the time. Does this happen to anyone else? There are some days when I really don’t talk much at all unless my mom calls or I have a session so my voice sounds like I just woke up. I’m not depressed, just overwhelmed maybe? As I get older I realize more and more that I really am an introvert and need lots of recharging time the busier I get.

4. Are you guys watching Parenthood? OMG I was just sobbing tonight. My biggest two fears are 1. losing my mom and 2. getting cancer so that show has my fears all wrapped up in one little package. It’s so good and so hard all at the same time! Anyone else cry EVERY SINGLE WEEK?

5. Sunday we had a session out in Bem, MO at the most gorgeous farm you’ve ever seen. Katie Mohr, the best stylist on the planet, and I made the two hour drive together which was awesome because we have some super cool sessions planned! And it is SO hard not to be able to edit those shots and get the sneak peek up because the family was perfection!

6. Flipping Out is one of my favorite shows and is perfect to calm me down after Parenthood! Wow. You have no idea how glad I am that all the shows are back on. It’s official once The Walking Dead starts on Sunday! CAN. NOT. WAIT.

7. The kids have a half day tomorrow and I can’t decide what to do with them. Any ideas? I need to get away from the house! My friend and I are going to combine kids and GO somewhere but WHERE? Help!

8. Last year I spent my birthday doing 32 random acts of kindness. This year I have no idea what to do. Hermit mode is paralizing. Any ideas? Part of me (a big part) wants to continue that tradition but maybe not take the kids out of school like I did last year. I wonder how it would feel to do it all alone. Another part of wants to find a sitter for Gray and go antiquing with my mom. And the business owner in me knows that if I have my computer back I will need to work. Ugh. I LOVE my birthday but then I stress myself out trying not to build it up too much while at the same time wanting it to be perfect. It’s like how do I make one day perfect?

9. I am so in love with Instagram. I took the funniest photo of Gray tonight before bed! It just takes all of the pressure out of photography for me! I’m Jodified on there if you want to follow me!

10. I’m feeling so lucky to have some great photographer friends that are on the same page of business as I am. That charge their worth and strive to be better constantly and are willing to be honest and open. Just blessed to have an awesome community that understands what this time of year means. I love all of my friends but most people wonder why I’ve disappeared or why I’m stressed out right now. My photog friends are in the same boat which is just so helpful right now! Thanks girls! A special thanks to Michelle and Kristie and Yvonne and Laurie and Shalonda (these are the girls I’ve been dumping on lately!) and of course Kim. Poor Kim. She quit working and I bet I call her twice a day or more with some kind of work issue! HA!

This was a super depressing post wasn’t it? HA! Sorry! I blame the hermit. SO many sneak peeks coming soon!

BTW if you want to read two great blog posts tonight start here b/c it’s so sweet and then go here because I laughed SO hard last night!