At the end of today my care giving abilities are at an all time low.

And it’s not that today was bad. Or that I don’t love my family. And it’s not b/c Chris is faking it, he still feels really awful. It’s just hard to be in charge of everyone, care for everyone, all day and all night long for days and days.

I think I’m just tired. And the week has taken a toll on me. And the worry over Chris is passing and leaving me feeling deflated.

BUT. For the first time in a long time I had the camera out during the day today. For all those random moments I used to capture. Before we were shooting 5+ times a week. And it was so nice. To capture those random moments.

Because as much as I love our clients and as proud as I am of our work, this is my life. And what I want to remember. Exhausted or not!





Those were all taken before 8am. My kids are BUSY in the early morning! Then Bailey and Parker wanted to take some… luckily I had just showered for the first time in THREE days!







Then we headed out to get the kid’s the H1N1 vaccine… I’m hoping that actually being exposed to it will help build up some antibodies too! Bailey is proud of her stickers…


Lunch and naps then a trip to the MacBrydes house to hang out before dinner… where the kids put on a concert…






My kids were into it a little more than Kate at this point! HA!

And random… Angie had this one sad rose growing… I thought it was kind of beautiful…


So that’s it. Chris stayed in bed all day and the kids and I ran around. It was a good day, busy, but my patience at bedtime was pretty low. I hate it when I know I’m just tired and I take it out on my kids. But I know it happens to the best of us and tomorrow is a new day! I can always be more patient tomorrow.

Or at least try!