My sweet friend Adriane was making her husband the most amazing gift for Father’s Day but she was trying to design it in Word or Power Point or something! So I asked if she wanted my help because you know, Photoshop and Illustrator are WAY better than Word for design!

What she gave me was this tiny slip of paper they keep up on their fridge… words they created themselves… words that are daily reminders for them in their marriage. I love it.

I ordered it as a 10×20 standout mount and luckily, she loves it!

What I love about this is that anyone could do this! You could make it by hand if you don’t have good design software and handwriting would make it even more personal!  I’d love to sit down with Chris and make our own list of daily reminders. And then I’d want to print it huge for our bedroom or kitchen or something.

Anyway, I thought her idea was so sweet I just had to share!