There was a power surge in Webster last night that has caused damage to Jodie’s computer.  She has taken it in for repair, but it’s unclear how long it will take.  So for now, she is computer-less and wanted to let you all know because email responses will be delayed and if it’s not back by Thursday, galleries may delayed a bit too.  Of course, the timing couldn’t be worse in the midst of the busiest time of year!  Thanks for your understanding and patience.  I’m also adding a few more details in the job description below.  ~Kim

I’ve never hired anyone before. I mean, I have an accountant that’s awesome and a business manager that is a LIFE SAVER and two assistants in the past that were beyond great and you all know I have the best stylist around but they all just sort of happened. And all are friends first, employees second.

So this is new for me! But if Fresh Art is going to grow in the way I hope it’s going to grow I need some help, now that my current assistant is leaving for an amazing full-time job.

I’m honestly not sure what the right way to do this is, so I’m just going to put out there what I need and if it sounds good to you please email me at [email protected] with your resume and/or credentials, what hours you’re available each week and WHY you want this job! Also, when you can start!

I’m calling this an assistant position BUT I think it could also be divided up into two jobs. OR it can be one job… I just want to keep my options open!

1. Packaging/Delivery/Shipping

To do this job you have to know how unglamorous my life is! You will come to my home once a week and package all orders ready to go out. I have a very set workflow so the day you could has to be consistent. I’d prefer it to be weekday hours while my kids are at school but this can be flexible. It might take you 30 minutes to package or several hours depending on my schedule… this will get extremely busy in the fall! I can’t guarantee how many hours per week you would be working because I can’t guarantee how many hours I’m working either! My packaging station is set-up in my unfinished basement and you will see immediately how desperately I struggle to keep up with my laundry or how messy my kids can be in their playroom which just means if you want this job you have to be forgiving of my busy life and not judge me! Feel free to switch my loads though! HA! After the packaging is done you will communicate professionally with my clients to set-up delivery times (you work with them to find a time that works for both of you) and/or hit the post office for shipping. You will be responsible for letting me know when we’re running low on packaging items also.

This is a pretty easy job but you must be able to have good communication with my clients and love wrapping presents! I’d love this person to be creative too because brain storming new packaging ideas is so much fun!

edited to add:  Ideally, while being creative is a plus, the best candidate for this position will be someone very task oriented.  Someone that thrives on organization and can keep things running smoothly and on a schedule.  This also has potential for growth in taking over more tasks that help run the business and allowing Jodie to really focus on what she does best!

2. Marketing

I’m not going to go into as much detail here about this job or part of the job but there are some marketing things that I’ve wanted taken care of for a long time that have just never gotten done.

A lot of this job can be done from home. Knowledge of PS or IL would be awesome but not necessary. You HAVE to have initiative because this isn’t something I can watch over and I hate micromanaging… if I can pass this off and trust it’s going to get done I would be one happy business owner! You have to not be scared to SELL Fresh Art which means you need to believe in ME wholeheartedly. Mostly, I want to find someone that wants to help me grow. That believes in a woman-run small business. That will actively work to make my dreams a reality. If I can actually find someone to help me with this part of the job I will feel like I won the lottery! For years (since i started really) I’ve barely kept up with the day to day much less invested time in my dreams… this person will literally be working towards my dreams with me! I have so many ideas that to start I may have to designate so many hours per week on this part of the job or I may not be able to afford it for very long… but what’s great is that the harder you work the more I grow and the more I’ll be able to use you! It’s a win-win!


I think the hardest part for me is just finding someone I trust. You’ll see me in my jammies after days of not sleeping during busy season. You’ll see my house at its worst sometimes. You’ll have access to my financials. I want to find someone that I can trust with my business and my heart because Fresh Art is so wrapped up with who I am as a person. But I also want to find someone that’s going to work their butt off! Someone that will be just as excited as I am when we reach those goals! Someone that will come with new ideas I’ve never even thought of before to grow Fresh Art and be willing to brain storm with me.

I might be looking for a miracle but I truly believe that God has just the right person or people for me!

An added bonus? For every 6 months that you work for me you get a full family session either for yourself or to gift to someone. I can’t offer you health insurance but I can offer you free photos! HA!

If you aren’t right for the job please pray with me that the right person is!

I have no idea how many emails I will get about this… it could be two or two hundred (SO not going to be that many but you get my drift). If you don’t hear from me right away please know that while I need to find someone I am also wrapping up the holiday busy season and have a lot on my plate right now. I will answer every email eventually so please be patient with me.

Thanks so much you guys!