Let’s step back to November for a minute! We had a sweet little birthday party for Parker’s sixth birthday and I never blogged the images… but since it was the easiest party to throw I’ve been wanting to share the ideas in case someone else wants a fun but easy party to host!

Parker could NOT decide what she wanted to do but she said she wanted to play lots of games, so some quick internet and pinterest searching later and I had a plan!

I kept the decorations simple and used mostly what I had on hand.

My mom made the cupcakes for me which was awesome b/c I kind of hate baking. The plates/napkins were from Target I think. The sticks in the jars I made for a church breakfast and I use them ALL THE TIME! They are skewers and I just tied some grosgrain ribbon on some, glued little triangles of scrapbook paper on some and then glued folded doilies on others. It’s simple but looks so cute!

Parker and I made the treat bags together… I cut everything out and she glued it together. Candy and toys were inside.

I thought we would open gifts inside so I used some old buntings to decorate a little but luckily the weather stayed warm and we had the entire party outside!

We started the party with musical chairs and they LOVED it!

We divided the kids up into two teams and did some relay races. The first one they had to carry the ball on the spoon down to a cone and back.

The next one was pretty funny! See their feet? We cut a hole in the bottom of plastic cups, put a paper clip on a rubber band which held it in the cup and wrapped the rubber band around the kid’s shoes. Then we filled the cups with popcorn and they had to walk down to a basket and dump in their popcorn. The first team to fill the basket wins!

They did the balloon walk where they had to walk down with the balloon between their legs, pop it and then run back. They LOVED this one!

Some kids were totally scared and others thought it was awesome! They all liked it enough that the adults were blowing up as many balloons as we could find so they could keep going!

This one was SO hard. Way too hard for kindergarteners and second graders! They had to keep a ball on a plate but carry the plate like a waitress… up in the air. NO one could do it!

After all the relays we had a break for chocolate milk and cupcakes! November was the start of the SICK season so I labeled each kid’s cup.

Useful AND cute! HA!

It was so great to spread a quilt in the front yard and let her open gifts outside after the snack! Outside parties are the best!

My favorite game was “pin the hat on Parker!” I made it LATE the night before the party by just printing a photo of PJ out on printer paper and gluing it to a piece of foam board. Then I made a bunch of paper hats! It was seriously so cute and the kids loved it!

It was easy and the kids all had a great time which is all that matters!

Parker’s Kindergarten friends! A sweet group of girls!

I can’t believe my kids are almost 5, 6 and 7! Three under three feels like it was a lifetime ago! Life is SO good now but I will admit that the bigger they get the more I miss having a baby to cuddle! Not as much as I love sleeping through theĀ  night and cooking dinner without a baby in my arms and a whole slew of other super hard things!

Thanks for letting me take a step back to the fall! Back to winter tomorrow!