In the freezing cold and snow Kim and I ventured out today for two photo sessions! One for little miss Ainsley and one for our first maternity session with a mom pregnant with triplets! Those babies will be coming in a few weeks and we can’t wait! Look for her sneak peek tomorrow!

Today though, we had just one baby and Ainsley was beyond perfect! She slept the entire time and at nine pounds she is one of our chunkiest babies! And MAN OH MAN do Kim and I love a chunky baby!

And as much as it was hard to leave jammie day with the kids and C, it was also kind of nice to get out there and shoot again! Especially with my NEW Nikon! Yep! I made the MASSIVE switch from Canon to Nikon recently so Kim and I can share lenses and more easily add to our equipment in the future. I bought THIS camera and so far LOVE it… although I will say I am SLOW still and luckily have some indoor shooting time this winter to get used to it before I have to need fast skills while I chase toddlers around outside! Still figuring things out as I had NO idea how different the little things are between Canon and Nikon! Little things that really change the way you have to think about shooting! Anyway, you be the judge since today was my first time officially shooting with the new camera…

Thanks Murphy family for having one of the sweetest baby girls around! She was absolutely perfect! Look for your full gallery soon!

AND… the gauntlet I threw down for Kim to post photos of their Christmas morning won’t be answered as she DID NOT TAKE ANY PHOTOS! HA! I can’t believe it! I mean, I only took CRAP photos but she didn’t take any! She did say she’ll post some old ones but DUDE! KIM… we want to see photos of your CUTE KIDS! All SEVEN of them! 🙂