There are some families that just worm their way into your heart and stay there. Megan and Josh are those people for me. I just like them. A lot. I could sit and chat with Megan for hours and joking around with Josh is just fun! I also love Megan’s mom who I met at Levi’s birth but have seen her many other times since then. She’s awesome and was a huge help at their house with Levi!

These two are at the start of a crazy adventure with two kids under two. I know because I’ve been there. Twice! But oh MAN is it a fun adventure! I feel so blessed to be able to speak to parents with tiny kids and let them know, from experience, that it DOES get better! Eventually you sleep, the diapers disappear and you can appreciate each other as husband/wife and not just the person that comes home to give you a break!

I’m so lucky that I got to go to their home and capture this precious time for them!

We always tease Josh about his smouldering eyes so we made him give them to me! He never disappoints!

And then poor Momma got a sad little Millie!

Those tears were no match for cuddles with Mommy though! Megan, you are gorgeous!

The buggy was Megan’s Great Grandmother’s that her mom brought over! SO sweet!

You have no idea how hard we all worked to get Levi in the same frame as his baby sister! I forgot how many strong opinions 19 month old little boys have! HA!