Did anyone notice Jodie’s straight hair in the blurry photo in the previous post?  And that we both have fabulous new hair cuts and color??  These would be courtesy of this beautiful expectant momma, Amy, owner of Lavish Salon out in St. Charles.  For those who live out that way, you MUST hook up with Amy and have her or her other stylists work their magic!  And even for those not so close, it’s TOTALLY worth the drive… a drive we will definitely do again!

There are so many things I could say about Amy.  Meeting her is like meeting an old friend… and old friend that always makes you laugh, especially when you hear their own great laugh.  Because Amy seriously has the best laugh ever, with a smile that lights up her whole face!  Oh, and did I mention gorgeous?  Like drop dead gorgeous?  Yeah, that too!

So, we drove out her way again on Sunday, and did some trespassing exploring, and found some gorgeous spots with the sweetest of light!  Thanks, Amy, Jim, and Colton for being such troopers!

Love. Pink. Converse.

baby girl already has a matching pair!

best. laugh. ever.

This is where I get a corny/sappy, but as I was sorting through as I was uploading the images and stopped dead in my tracks when I came upon the photo below.  It may just look like a normal photo, a little weird flare happening from the sun getting into my lens… but I saw so much more!  You see, Amy gave birth to a gorgeous, beautiful, perfect little sleeping angel named Parker in March of 2009.  For Parker, they wear the orange wristbands.  And that orange little flair of light at the wristband, is like a little sign that Parker is always with them, and especially with her baby sister.  Then I noticed the rainbow that is going right over Amy’s belly, as a symbol of God’s promise and blessing.  I couldn’t cause those things to happen if I tried, so it moved me beyond words!