Oh my gosh you guys. Yesterday was one of my worst technology days EVER. My BRAND NEW (less than 2 months old) iMac that I had to wait a month for b/c it was special ordered with extra everything… CRASHED. The screen turned gray and it started beeping really loud and it said TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER NOW (essentially) in about 10 different languages! Scared the crap out of me. I think they said it was called a corporal panic? All I know is that they have to have it at the shop for 3-7 weekdays. I literally had a slight panic attack in the store so they gave me a loaner laptop for free! HA! After 5 hours yesterday downloading CS6, LR4, setting up my actions, etc. I am ready to work finally. After the 27in screen this 15in one is SO hard to work on though!

THEN last night when I got home from a meeting and settled in with this tiny laptop ready to get some emails answered I turned on Grey’s SO excited to watch what happened after the plane crash and the DVR CRASHED. Or something. It froze and then all of my recorded shows were gone. Deleted. No Grey’s or Project Runway or Scandal. AHHHHH!

Worst technology day EVER!

But today is going to be better. It’s cold and rainy which is actually a welcome break for me (and not an issue since this is the one day all week I didn’t have a session!). The fire is on. Gray is watching Batman so I can get a few things done. His commentary totally cracks me up and although this isn’t exactly quality time with him… it’s better than nothing in the midst of busy season!

SO in an effort to make today WAY better than yesterday I’m excited to share these images of Anna with you! She’s one of our awesome babysitters and was such a breeze to photograph! One more kid that makes my job a piece of cake! She’s actually sitting tonight so I hope she likes these or we might come home to a super messy house and wide awake kids! HA!

I could say this every time I shoot a senior but it’s true… I looked NOTHING like this when I was her age! She’s GORGEOUS!

Alright, my little Red Ranger (he’s wearing his Halloween costume) is in need of a PB&J! Time to take off the business owner hat and pop on my Mommy hat! Happy Friday!