UPDATE: We are MOVED IN! The kids are sleeping in their beds for the first time right now and Chris and I are both working+lounging after yet another super long day! Once I get everything put away I’ll share photos!

Ok guys… we are on day three of marathon MOVE IN TO OUR NEW HOUSE and I can barely keep my eyes open! For a month I’ve been trying to do too many things on too little sleep and I’m just done. Funny thing, I’m finding out that the more tired I get the more emotional I get! I’m crying at everything and feeling SO sentimental right now. I think a lot of it has to do with thinking back on the memories we’ve had at all the other places we’ve lived in our six (almost seven) years of marriage and how at our new home the kids aren’t so little anymore. The memories we’ll make here will be incredible, I know that, but when I think back to their baby days it’s a different home. Looking back and looking forward has me a blubbery mess this week!

Anyway, we have until Monday when the kids come home from my sister’s house to get everything done… SO… if I owe you an email please be a little more patient! We are at the home stretch and I can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working on with you all!

Now… to refresh this blog I thought sharing two of the most gorgeous high school seniors would be a good idea! Are there any other women out there that see today’s high school girls and wonder why we never looked this good? I mean seriously! Anna and Victoria are stunning. Kim and I just kept smiling at each other throughout the session which acted like a silent HIGH FIVE because we just knew their images would be gorgeous! SO easy to work with and since I started photographing them four years ago they have grown into beautiful girls both inside and out! I can’t wait for you to see all their images so without further blabbering from me…

I told their mom, Nancy, that she had REALLY good genes! Twins girls so beautiful! Thanks Nancy, Anna and Victoria for trusting us with your senior photos… we had such a great night with you all! AND thanks for being patient while we moved to see your sneak peek!