Kim and I got to take out our rusty cameras and shoot a gorgeous mom-to-be today! It’s hard to go from 27 sessions in a month to just a few… I really felt out of practice today! But it was also really nice. Nice that it comes back in an instant. Nice how the camera just fits in my hand. Nice that I don’t have to think about my settings b/c it’s just like riding a bike… you never really forget. Love that.

And love it when we have clients that are up for anything, willing to go anywhere, casual and easy going!

Plus, I’ve known Brad since we were kids at church together so it was great to see him as a husband and almost-dad! And even though I have three of my own, which I’m sure is strange for people, it always hits me when a childhood friend becomes a parent. Like they are yanked out of that permanent memory in my mind and forced to instantly grow up before my eyes. Driving to Brad and Annie’s house I had 14 year old Brad in my head and when he opened the door, in a sweater vest nonetheless, it was like I was looking at a totally different person. Still sweet and soft spoken and funny, but a grown up.

Do you know what I mean?

Or are you just wishing I’d shut up and show you some photos? HA!











Thanks Pluhars! We loved hanging with you guys today and can’t wait to meet Owen!!!