Hopping up on my soapbox for a minute…

I just have to say how sick I am of seeing photographers post photos like this:

And call it ART!

Because they do! They make it sound all dreamy and amazing that they got this shot. And I am FOR SURE not naming names but it kinda disappoints me that photographers I love are jumping on this bandwagon. Like this is the new cool technique or something. Like selective color used to be (don’t even get me started on how much I HATE selective color… you know when the photo is b/w except a flower or something!) or sepia or cyborg eyes. It’s a fad but that’s the worst part… it’s just bad photography if you ask me.

Because I am here to tell you, they just screwed up. They lost their focus and are making people think they are brilliant or something. But DUDE, I took this photo and it was a SCREW UP!

It drives me insane BUT I’m putting it out there to ask all of you… do you buy into this like this and call it artistic work? Or just bad photography?


Am I the crazy one?