Kim and I decided that Katie just might be cursed! Her maternity+family session was quite possibly the hottest day of the summer which meant we were ALL hot+sweaty the entire time! Her twins were awesome that day but SO HOT! It was maybe the most uncomfortable I’ve been at a session ever! H.O.T.

So we were SURE the newborn session would be easy peasy but OH MAN! Little August just DID NOT want to sleep! And Kim and I are kind of pretty darn great at getting babies to sleep. But he would NOT be fooled! The second we thought we got him his eyes would just pop open! It was hysterical! And wouldn’t have been a huge deal except of course it was the ONLY day Katie had to be somewhere so the session was limited anyway!

In the end we got some cute shots and made it work! We just couldn’t love Katie more and felt bad that neither session sailed by smoothly!

This last one was a total outtake but so cute I had to post it… I love newborns because they make the best faces! This shot was just testing the light but I love that tiny yawn!

Thanks for hanging in there with us Katie! August is adorable!!! And although it would have been so fun to see Stella & Oliver, can you imagine? HA! It was so great to see you and enjoy these crazy crazy days… I promise they’ll go by fast!