In case you didn’t see ALL the photos I posted over on my personal blog from our recent trip to Wisconsin I thought I would share these here. Because they totally crack me up.

My niece, Avery, just turned one and my sister wanted a few “cake smash” photos of her. Of course with Samantha, her oldest daughter, we had balloons and a custom cake and a handmade bib to make the little mini session perfect. Because she’s the first kid. But poor Avery, we gave her a cookie-pop her cousins+sister made and decorated to chew on and waited until the last second to do the shoot so the lighting was terrible. That poor second kid!

BUT. Despite the fact that we sat her in the hallway as close to the front door where a blizzard blew outside giving me very little light or the sub-par cookie we gave her, these are some of my favorite photos of her ever. Because they’re hysterical. And even though they are grainy as hell and it’s not a cute studio backdrop they are perfect to me. Because this is SO our family. Throw it together at the last second and make it work!

Ab, I hope you love these. They had me laughing out loud last night as I edited them!

Happy first birthday Avery girl!