Gray is going through some kind of I-don’t-want-to-sleep-in-my-own-bed-and-am-going-to-pull-out-all-the-stops-until-you-cave stage. Let me tell you, it’s awesome. Tonight he even had real crocodile tears when he came down telling us he was having bad dreams. Now the kid hadn’t gone to bed yet so bad dreams were impossible but his tears were so big and he’s so damn cute we gave in. Chris tucked him into our bed and we didn’t hear another word from him. An hour or so later I went in to get something and found he had turned the light on all by himself.

Oh and at dinner tonight Parker totally cracked us up! Chris was teasing her and said, “Birthday’s aren’t super important when you’re just turning three…” and she said, “DADDY! I’m not turning three! I’m turning six and then eleven and then eight and then one hundred and then I’ll be dead!” HA! Gotta love her math!

Here’s to a great start to your week!