In case you don’t follow us on Facebook (you should! ha!) yesterday we opened up questions in the discussion section of our FB page and it was SO fun hearing from everyone! But then at the end of the night I wrote one page of questions to Kim… and tonight she answered! And now I just think it’s totally worth posting here! 🙂

1. Where do you find the motivation to ROCK OUT your weight loss?

2. What’s your favorite part of having a gazillion kids?

3. How do you keep the crazy of life in order?

4. What’s your favorite part of a photo shoot? The sigh at the end in the car? HA!

5. What EXCITES you about our work?


Anyone else have a question for the amazing mom of seven? 🙂

Kim’s response…

1. I think I’m more stubborn than motivated most of the time… ha! Then knowing I feel better and better, keeps me moving! Blog post to come as I have now passed the 70 pound down mark!

2. Never a dull moment! I have to say, our game nights are pretty darn rockin’… and I always look around and smile that we have so much fun together.

3. I don’t think I’m always in very good order, and am always always striving to be more organized.

4. HA! Definitely the sigh, especially after knowing we totally ROCKED out a session!

5. Always thinking of new ideas and how we are going to bring them to fruition… then seeing it all come together. I also get giddy when I see something we’ve both shot at the same exact time… seeing our two unique perspectives is so cool, and I think it’s an exciting thing to be able to offer our clients!

We go together like peas & carrots, my friend! 😉

If you have any questions we will be checking the discussions tab when we can!