Alright. Let’s start with a little back story here…

Becca lives a few houses down from my parents so we grew up neighbors. They moved in, I think, when Becca was a baby, her older sister Hannah was a toddler and her mom was pregnant with her little brother, Adam. I grew up baby sitting for this family, her parents are best friends with my parents and I can’t tell you how many nights everyone had dinner on my parent’s deck. Great family friends!

While we were driving away from her senior session yesterday I said it would be neat to know Becca now. And if you’ve ever watched a kid grow up you might know what I mean. Becca has always been quiet and shy and sweet, as a child and yesterday too. Soft spoken, calm and always polite. But then yesterday, in her white tank top I noticed her TATTOO and I realized that she might not be as quiet and calm as I think she is! Maybe she has a bit of a wild streak! HA! Becca… let’s grab coffee one day and you can fill me in on your life!

So get ready. We are literally bombarding you with photos because we had such a blast yesterday! And we talked her and her friend Beth into following us to some pretty crazy places (I kept laughing that I was glad her mom, Lisa, was out of town or she might have freaked! Sorry Lisa!)… which is why we are absolutely hands down FALLING IN LOVE with senior photography!


Kim and I had a long talk on the way home and we might be making some changes to gear our business for newborns and seniors mostly. It is just what we LOVE and I think when you love something it shows in the photos! Doesn’t mean we won’t do family sessions, but it might mean we really limit how many we book!

And remember, we extended our half off senior session deal into April so spread the word!!!

st. louis high school senior photography

st. louis senior photographers

kirkwood high school senior photographers

saint louis senior photography

This shot is just for Lisa! To show her a bit of where we took her sweet daughter! HA!

I mean seriously!

Isn’t Becca gorgeous? And MAN did she rock out the poses!

Thanks Becca and Beth… you girls were serious troopers!