For our mini sessions last weekend we decided early on that Kim would shoot so I could video tape the whole event. And I had all the intention in the world to give you a great look at HOW we did everything. But then, well, I had 18 kids and their parents in my house so I got busy! There were plates to fill and moms to chat with, toys to pick up and people to welcome in the door. It was hard to be doing anything other than just hostessing!

So the video is a bit lacking in the HOW of it all, but it does show how busy of a day it was! And actually, busy doesn’t really do it justice because I have to tell you, even if it is a bit TMI, neither of us even peed all day! Everyone was gone by 5pm and we both looked at each other and said, “oh my gosh I have to pee!” HA! It was a busy day.

But MAN did we have fun! And I have to tell you about the three super sweet things that happened that day too! First, one of my favorite people, Amy Beachy, came with her kids in the morning and brought DINNER with her that she’d cooked for BOTH of our families! Oh yes! She made dinner for Kim’s family of NINE! It was awesome. Then another sweet client, Danielle, brought us the most amazing lunch ever! Of course we didn’t actually eat it until later that night but between those two meals I think I fed my family for two days! And then the best surprise was a friend/client/blog reader, Donna, who wasn’t even involved in the mini’s but knew I was hosting brought over a TON of homemade chocolate chip cookies for everyone! Just because! How great is that? We’re still eating those here and we all LOVE them! So thanks to all that blessed Kim and I (and our families) that day… we truly have the most amazing people surrounding us!

Thanks to everyone that participated or helped (GRANDMA!) or was involved! We will do this again!