Kim just sent me (LINK!) THIS article and it of course has me thinking back to Mac’s birth where we had gotten permission from Sharon’s OB and her high-risk OB to be in the delivery but then at the very last second as I was suiting up in scrubs we got word the anethesiologist said no. Sadly (and in tears actually) I took off my scrubs. Photos I’d dreamed of capturing for MONTHS flew out the window as I desperately taught another doctor how to use my camera so I could at least get video (and he did do a good job considering).

But it had us wondering. What IS the big deal? If the parents want a professional photographer in the delivery room, if it’s THEIR desire, should doctors be allowed to say no?  It seems like doctors are scared there could be a lawsuit based on the footage a photographer or even dad might capture but even then, seriously? If a doctor does something really wrong and it’s caught on tape shouldn’t parents be able to seek action?

I don’t know. I understand both sides I guess. However, I still feel strongly it should be up to the parents and not the doctors. If these restrictions continue to grow in hospitals I wonder if it will cause a bigger movement to deliver in birthing centers with midwives?

Photographers… what do you think? Do we have any doctors out there that want to chime in? I’d love to hear your opinion!