As promised here are some of our recent everyday moments…

We had an awesome trip to the zoo last month with our best friends, our favorites neighbors, my parents and my sister+nieces! I think we had nine kids with us maybe? It was supposed to rain so we had the place to ourselves! It was perfection.

For about a week all Parker would wear was white. It was hysterical. And SO frustrating from a laundry perspective! Luckily the phase didn’t last long!

Gray was so proud this winter that he could put his coat on all by himself! His teachers at school taught him the “preschool flip”!

It’s been beautiful lately but in early March we had temps in the 80’s so we broke out the hose early…. hose+trampoline is the best!

This still makes me laugh! My kids get up early (because they go to bed early) and usually I stay in bed until about 7am but when Parker came into my room all dressed and playing the guitar it forced me to get up to grab the camera. When I found her again she was standing in the kitchen in a patch of light from the back door just staring out at the rising sun. I love this shot of her.

There were so many others fun shots from our night at Bailey’s First Grade Musical but this one is SO my kids right now! Gray being mad, Bailey smiling like I asked and Parker being, well, Parker, and totally cracking me up. Kelly was outside so I asked her to come help get smiles out of grumpy Gray and he would NOT break! So she tried tickling him and it might be hard to tell but he’s trying hard to still be mad! Ugh! Three can be such a frustrating age! I swear that kid has more mood swings than any woman I know!

I now swear by the Listerine technique! Douse hair in the hard core orange Listerine and put on a shower cap for 2 hours. Pretend like your house doesn’t smell as if someone has a nasty mouth disease. Douse hair in vinegar, wrap hair in saran wrap, put back on shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes. Comb out hair and then shower. You can even put the Listerine in a spray bottle to spray couches, carpet, etc. It really works!

I never got a good shot of my own kids at one of C’s first home games but I love this shot of Kelsey! One of my favorite spring activities is meeting Angie and the kids up at the field to eat dinner and watch the Daddies coach!

The week of Easter brought LOTS and LOTS of talk at home about Jesus. It was the first year we really dove into the true meaning of the week. Every night we would read from multiple Bibles about what exactly was happening on “this” day so long ago. On Good Friday, before school, we read the story of Jesus being crucified from our two favorite children’s Bibles and talked a lot about how He died for our sins. Then I remembered the idea my friend Adriane had… to use a permanent marker and put a little cross on our hands to remind us all day what Good Friday is all about. Parker asked to add in a little heart which was actually totally perfect! Bailey was upset the next day that hers was faded and I think the idea really did work to remind ALL of us about what was so important!

Have you guys seen the new girl legos? I know there is some controversy about them but my kids, all three of them, love them. They play Legos almost every morning before school. When I came in that morning and saw that Parker had her girl taking photos of animals I totally cracked up!

Parker leaves toys doing random things all over the house. I should make an album of all the shots like this I have!

Not the best photo… I ran out of the house as they were leaving because I forgot to get a shot of them so they just turned around for me… and that soda can makes me want to scream… BUT… look at Chris and Grayson. Don’t they look exactly alike? I love that!

I’ve been taking a photo ALMOST every day since January and I am LOVING this project still. One day I’m going to be SO glad I did this… more than I already am!