The last time Kim and I did a Love Light Session we froze our bottoms off. We had a blast but MAN was it cold! So when Brad contacted us for a Love Light to surprise his wife for their anniversary we jumped at the chance! A Love Light session on a beautiful fall night is literally, perfection.

Normally we try to keep our sneak peeks to just that, a PEEK. But I have to tell you, Kim and I are OBSESSED with this session. Shooting an entire session using available light late at night with no flash is exhilarating! It pushes and stretches you creatively as an artist and well, it actually makes us FEEL like artists as we paint with light on our subjects. Because if you didn’t know, 90% of the time we have our ISO set to 200 or so. We shoot like we’re shooting daylight. In the dark. Occasionally a shot calls for a massive bump to the ISO but otherwise we keep it low. So that it’s crazy hard to make the light work for us.

All that to say, get ready b/c this post is LOADED down with photos! Enjoy!

My view…

Kim’s view…

Notice the butt grab in the above photo? HA! Love it!

Brad and Hannah were awesome. They WANTED this and just trusted us. This is not your normal photo session, but it’s such a special one! And just in case anyone else wants one… our pricing for these is $525 and it includes the HIGH-RES disk. A crazy deal but we love them so much we love offering this package!

Oh, and for the funniest photo of the night…

Kim somehow always catches me in the most random positions! HA!

Thanks so much Brad and Hannah… we NEEDED this session. It fed our souls, got us excited about our work again and you have SO many more images than normal because of that!