For our Baby Plan we don’t say the middle session is at six months, we instead say it’s when the baby is sitting up so that we can get those adorable photos of a chubby baby sitting up by herself. Which means that most times our babies are closer to seven or eight months old before we can get this session done. Since our calendar was filling up we got Brooklyn’s session scheduled and thought that we’d just reschedule if she wasn’t sitting up quite yet, but as it got closer we were assured she was sitting up great!

So we couldn’t stop laughing when this baby who OBVIOUSLY could sit up on her own perfectly well got super lazy all of a sudden and would just lean back into Kim’s outstretched arm! HA! Seriously, SO many shots from that day is of Brooklyn leaning back and Kim grabbing her! It was hysterical! And because they literally make me wet my pants from laughing so hard I will intersperse them in this post. Because it’s Tuesday and you all deserve a treat! Because trust me, you will LAUGH at this funny girl!

The headband and outfit came from HERE!

This is Kim looking at her like, “I know you can do it! You are sitting up perfectly…” But then every single time Kim let go of her this happened…


HA! It was SO funny! She just refused to sit up for us!

Babies are ALWAYS cute but rarely are they so funny! I can’t think of a session for “sitting up” that had so little sitting up and so much laughter!

Thanks as always Kelly and Shaun for such an awesome session! We adore you guys!