It’s always nice to be back at home…. but life is sure sweet on the beach too!

We had a great and relaxing time, and as we drove back through the night in the rain the whole way, and then the morning shuffle today, my heart was definitely right back there!  I think what I loved most was how simple the week was without all the extras.  I only brought 3 changes of clothes for each kid (4 for the two littles) knowing we had a washer and dryer in the house.  Easy to keep up the laundry and get it put right away.  We cooked every meal there, and while I cannot seem to manage that at home or have the desire most of the time, it was simple and easy and I felt good knowing everyone was eating great food all week.  Well, aside from the nightly ice cream.  Ha!

But the sand…. oh how nice it was to crawl into a bed without having to jump back out to brush sand out of it!

Here are a few ton more photos.  None of all the kids together, just wasn’t happening!  Although Abby is dying for me to replace our 3 year old canvas on our mantle of the family, so she was hoping we’d get a good one…. I’ll just need to force beg Jodie to help with that one!