Hopping on early this morning to announce our next Fresh Class contest!

We had a class back in January AND we had three classes last summer… ALL of you are invited to participate! Let’s see who’s doing better… the people that have it fresh in their heads and have been practicing like mad the last 6 weeks OR the ones that have had almost a year of practice under their belts!

Email me ONE image that represents SPRING to you. It can be anything that makes you think spring is coming. Remember that as much as the idea+composition+creativity is important, we also REALLY care about focus, clarity, exposure, etc. Make sure your image is technically sound! And it can have absolutely NO retouching or editing done at all. This image has to be straight out of the camera! I need the image by Monday night before midnight if you want to be in the contest!

The winner will receive a full edit of any image they’ve taken by us (if they want us to touch their image) and an 11×14 standout mount of the photo!

Email me at [email protected] before Monday night to be a part of the contest which should go live on Wednesday!

If you have nothing that represents SPRING you have a beautiful day today to go get creative and take some photos!