I am totally out of order tonight with my sessions and I was feeling guilty so I was going to stop, get the correct session ready to blog, blog, etc. when I realized that I’m the boss! I actually own this company! Me, myself and I. I pay the taxes and I think that truly makes this whole boss gig official… something about writing multiple checks to the government…

So tonight I am giving myself permission to blog a sneak peek out of order, turn off my desk lamp, grab my cross stitching and crawl into bed early since I’ve been at this desk for 12 hours straight minus a one hour mini session this morning. My butt hurts and so does my brain!

BUT before going from typing to sewing I just had to get something up here and what better than the most GORGEOUS pregnant woman ever! She was just glowing at her session and so was her sweet husband! I am kind of obsessed with these easy Weekday Mini sessions because it gets me out shooting in the morning but gives me time to edit in the afternoon… they’re fun and fast! Or maybe these guys just made it look easy!

Isn’t she beautiful? They were SO great to work with!

Alright… my cross stitch, Parenthood and Private Practice are calling! So are my covers! Last night was a 2am night so this is awesome! Happy Tuesday you guys!