In the midst of end of the year chaos the last two weeks I totally and completely forgot to blog Caroline’s session! Which is NOT like me b/c we’re usually right on with sneak peeks… but I emailed her mom, Melissa, the sneak peek so at least she was taken care of so then it just kind of fell off my radar. Luckily oh wise Ms. Weiss remembered and reminded me!

SORRY Melissa, Jon and Caroline! Sneak peek comin’ atcha!

I knew Melissa in high school at Kirkwood and going into the session I thought that was our only connection… but of course St. Louis is the small town in the big city because everyone knows everyone so I shouldn’t have been surprised that Melissa and her husband are good friends with both my brother-in-laws from college. Jon was fraternity brothers at Mizzou with Matthew and Jack!

Best part of the session besides sweet little Caroline?

Hearing old college stories about Jack and Matthew! HA!

Jack even came and hung out in the studio for a little while chatting until nursing drove him away!

After the session Terri, my mother-in-law, said she’d never heard us laugh so hard at a session before!

I love that! So true! We had a blast!

The best part? Caroline is now on our Baby Plan so we get to see this family two more times this year!

Which is so awesome because they drive all the way up from Jefferson City!

It’s always a huge honor when a family is willing to come into town for us!

I feel bad this sneak peek is so late in coming but hopefully it was worth the wait!

We have the long awaited Johnston newborn session in the morning and I just bought some new props! LOVE new props! Then Sunday we have two busy little boys in the studio followed by two more newborns next week! Whew! We love to be busy!

Have a great weekend! The Love Light winner will be announced in the morning!