There is one family I have a deal with and have for a few years now. We barter. She has three kids (two girls and a boy) just like me but her youngest is the same age as my oldest which makes trading images for clothes a great deal for both of us! I get all of her amazing hand-me-downs and she gets birthday photos for each of her kids! It’s been a huge blessing to our family and I hope that it’s been a blessing to theirs as well. The other blessing I’ve gotten is just to know Amy better. If there was one mom out there I really looked up to it would be her. And even though I remind myself she can’t possibly have it together ALL the time, she must come pretty darn close! She just exudes passion for her kids in everything she does and I love that.

And although I was going to post this earlier when I was blind sided by my amazing best friend blogging for me (!) I still wanted to post this on Mother’s Day because my gift to Amy, after all the inspiration she’s given me, was spending a few hours of MY Mother’s Day getting Carsyn’s images done for her! Because she’s awesome and I wanted to make sure she knows it!

BTW. I feel I also need the whole world to know… I was the crappiest best friend this past week to Angie. I was selfish and rude and unhelpful during a hard week for her. And yet, she still thought of me today. It’s why we’re best friends. She lets me rant and rage and get it out of my system knowing my “junk” is short-lived and still loves me on the other end. I was sitting in Target’s parking lot after taking the girls swim suit shopping, wondering why in the HELL did I make myself try on suits on Mother’s Day, when I checked my phone for email and saw Amy’s comment on Angie’s post. While the girls got buckled I sat there, tears streaming down my face as I read Angie’s post. So amazing and undeserved.

And so. This just brings it full-circle. Thanks to Ang for being the kind of friend I hope to be someday and to Amy who is the mother I strive to be. I love surrounding myself with women who are better than me because it gives me something to work for! Like my friend Adriane who has the kindest heart I know and Kim who has patience beyond what I can fathom (working with me is NOT easy!) and my sister who is the best teacher to her girls I’ve ever seen. And of course to my mother-in-law who truly KNOWS me and gives me gifts that make me burst into tears. And to my own mom, who has taught me that being a good mom sometimes means being an even better friend as she’s always there for me, never judging me, constantly supporting me and cheering me on (louder than anyone). So THANK YOU to all of the incredible women in my life and to all of the Moms out there… I hope you got to do just what you wanted to do today! We ALL deserve at least one day to celebrate US!

Happy Mother’s Day!