I first met the Marischen family when big brother William was a newborn and then Kim got to meet them when Charlie was a newborn… we truly LOVE our families that come back each year because it’s SO amazing to watch their children grow!

When Alison walked in my house for Charlie’s first birthday session last week both Kim and I were shocked to see his bright blond hair! We were expecting a William lookalike with dark curls and here is his little brother with straight blond hair! Seeing babies a year later is just such a fun experience!

Don’t those gorgeous blue eyes just kill you? He’s SO stinkin’ cute!

This one with his bear is my favorite! I have a shot of Bailey at this age walking away dragging her bear and to this day it’s in our living room b/c it captured her at that age perfectly! There is nothing like a baby and their teddy bear!

Ok, I guess it’s now a toss-up for my favorite because this last shot is so hysterical! It REALLY shows how much he’s grown in a year!

Charlie at one week…

And Charlie at one year…

Isn’t that awesome? He’s SO big! Love it!

Thanks for bringing Charlie by Alison! It was great to see you both!