This has been one of my favorite pins on Pinterest (and seriously, folks, if you haven’t joined the fabulousness that is pinterest, do. so. now.)… the words are so true.  And I really thought I had this in check.  I’d been a stay-at-home mom full time for many many years.  Then the photography bug bit, and I longed for that creative outlet, and I believed as my kids got older, they just didn’t need me as much.  So I jumped in fully when Jodie & I decided to merge together as Fresh Art.  And oh how Fresh Art has grown and been a fabulous creative outlet and successful business adventure!  Beyond my wildest dreams!  We have met so many fabulous clients we truly count as friends and had some really amazing opportunities!

Only, as Fresh Art has grown and grown, I have begun to realize how much MORE the kids need me as they grow (and are running in 7 very different directions with 7 very different specific needs).  And inevitably with the huge growth of Fresh Art, I began making choices that put work first.  The business end of it all became overwhelming, yet at the same time, could not be pushed aside to choose later because clients were waiting and we’d been paid to complete certain tasks, so the kids were the ones that were chosen later.  And I knew I needed to make some better choices and changes.  Hard choices.  We had started our family with lots of work and sacrifice to make sure I *could* be there, so I knew I needed to get back to that point.

So after much thought, prayer, and discussion, I have decided to step back a bit from Fresh Art.  Which means the way Fresh Art is structured will be a bit different, but Jodie and I are making this a smooth and easy transition and not much is really changing in the service and art provided by Fresh Art.

What exactly does this mean?  Please know this changes nothing for our clients that are currently booked, their sessions will be exactly the same, I will still be there, it will be exactly the Fresh Art session they have paid for and scheduled… including weddings, baby planners, family sessions, seniors, newborns, classes.  Moving forward with new bookings, Jodie will be completely taking over and doing family, seniors, and maybe even more weddings, on her own.  I will continue to work with her on all newborn sessions.  We feel it is essential to the images we want to produce that the two of us continue to work together on every newborn session… (and truthfully, I *need* the baby fixes!  ha!) so a newborn session will essentially be unchanged on the client end.

With this change in the structure, and to avoid Jodie, who will now be the sole owner of Fresh Art, to get bogged down with the back end business side that I handled and thus more time away from her family, there will also be a change in your after the session ordering.  Which actually makes it a great value and very easy for the client as well!  Win win!  Details on all that to follow, but it’s exciting and will include exactly what a huge majority of our clients are looking for, in a super simple way.  It’s an option we had tossed around together, but we just couldn’t get it to the right price point since there were two of us needing to split the income.

I’m excited for the next phase of Fresh Art, continuing to watch it grow, and the great product that the clients will continue to receive.  I’m glad to still continue to work with Jodie, who is so much more than a creative partner or co-worker, but a truly amazing friend… who totally GOT my struggles, and jumped to help me figure it all out and come up with a solution to keep everyone happy.  A solution that will allow her to still be the fabulous and hands-on mom that she is!

Any questions/concerns/comments can be sent to us both at [email protected].  We should both be around on FACEBOOK tonight to answer any questions & comments as well.