There is so much to say about my relationship with Julie Cleve I’m not sure where to start. But let’s just say that in under a year she is now one of my dearest friends. She calls when she THINKS I might be struggling, she makes us dinner when she KNOWS I’m struggling, she is waiting patiently for me to have more than 3 hours of sleep a night so I can go running with her again and well, I just feel like I’ve known her forever. I sort of wormed my way into being adopted by her family (her and her mom and all of her sisters!) and she has taken on the role of big sister seriously, which is the most amazing feeling ever. She is just the most giving person I have ever met. Always thinking of others and to be wrapped into her world, well, I just feel really blessed to have her in my life. And although I can’t make dinner for her family I can help give her some family photos at least!

AND… she just took over our packaging and delivery so if you receive a CUTE Fresh Art bundle soon it’s b/c of her!

We met up with her family during our Sunday shoot extravaganza and had a blast! Her kids are the cutest and although we TOTALLY pushed her husband, Todd, WAY THE HELL out of his comfort zone, he was a good sport too (can you imagine if we’d taken him to the homeless camp we shoot at a lot? HA!)!

The best quote of the entire day was when we stood them again this rusty wall and he said, “I thought the swans and the lake would have made a good photo but rusty metal might be good too!” HA! I was DYING!

Enjoy your sneak peek you guys! I hope you love them and just wait until you see ALL the ones we are making you wait for! HA! You’ll have to wait to see those last ones Julie! 🙂






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