YOU GUYS. I had no idea this would be so fun! The last two days have been so great! I’ve met new kids and got to hang with kids I already knew and loved! This week we learned a drawing technique and used that technique to start our first project on Tuesday. Today we watercolored and tomorrow we will put our two projects together! This week was a little about the process and a lot about the end result. Next week is ALL about the process and I am SO excited!

Art class is Tues/Wed/Thurs from 3-4pm give or take. Please join on Tuesday and stay for the three days as most days build on one another. If you can’t make a day just let me know and I can send a little video of what to do to your children. Class is FREE but a suggested donation of $5/class is appreciated – my Venmo is JodieKuhnAllen. If you are struggling, unemployed or hurting AT ALL please do not pay me. This is intended to be free but if you are fully employed and feel led – I will take the little bit of help while I am not employed!

ZOOM LINK FOR EVERY WEEK IS THE SAME (https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75267199823) OR – CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK 

OK – supplies needed for next week…. Paper (cardstock would work best for one project and watercolor paper would work best for the other), crepe paper (if you have it – any color/s work), colored tissue paper (if you don’t have crepe paper they can use tissue paper only or vice versa), water spray bottle (like to wet hair – if you don’t have one a bowl of water and a spoon works), spoon, vinegar, baking soda, food coloring, a dropper (or they can use a spoon) and scissors.

Tuesday – we will use cardstock, crepe paper, tissue paper, spoon and water (in the spray bottle or in a bowl). —– OK SO THIS PROJECT GOT KICKED OUT UNTIL WE CAN GET THE RIGHT SUPPLIES – IT WORKS BUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE SPECIAL TISSUE SO TODAY WE DID THE WEDNESDAY ACTIVITY!

ACTUAL TUESDAY ACTIVITY – watercolor paper, vinegar, food coloring, baking soda, dropper or spoon and please give them a foil covered cookie sheet so they don’t make a huge mess – you might want to set them up in the kitchen for this one! If it’s nice I might have my kids be outside which you could also do.

Wednesday – watercolor paper or cardstock, several bowls of water + food coloring (you can get this ready ahead of time and you want a GOOD amount of food coloring in there), dish soap, straws and an eye dropper or syringe or spoon.

Thursday – Tues/Wed projects plus scissors and a pencil and/or pen. If you have 5×7 sized envelopes or any envelopes that would be good to have out too. And glue!

My goal for this week is to show them some cool art experiments – get a little science-y and teach them something easy they can do later on their own. But then they will have these art pieces so we will “do” something with them on Thursday! I love making art but we only have so much room on our walls!

Let me know if you have any questions and please spread the word – there is no limit to the number of kids I can teach!

Also – I am intentionally not sharing too much about what we’re creating bc I know some kids are surprising their parents! I’ll let them share their work with you!!!