My cousins were in town for Christmas and although it was FREEZING COLD outside we went out to get Dan’s senior photos! Which blows my mind because I remember when he was born!

I wanted to get a few photos up for my Aunt Ouisie tonight but I’m going to keep my words short as we have SHARON JOHNSTON’S BIRTH tomorrow and I need to get to sleep! Prayer for her and Tom at 11:30am when this baby will be welcomed to the world would be so awesome! And you KNOW we’ll be posting photos of that baby ASAP! It’s definitely one of the most anticipated babies on this blog!

SO Dan… thanks for being a good sport, not complaining as much as I did about the cold and for rocking out your photos!

Remember our awesome blog readers… prayers for the Johnston family tomorrow (and tonight that they sleep well!)… I know you guys can be prayer warriors! So maybe let Daniel know he’s one handsome devil but also let’s leave Tom and Sharon some comments on this post cheering them on! They’ll read them and it will make them so happy!