Calling ALL writers!

Some friends and I are talking about doing a skit for our church’s Mardi Gras next weekend and I’d love to toss this out to the INTERNET and see who throws it back!

It’s going to be a few of us moms, moms to young kiddos, and we’re all going to pop in and out of a big wall (you know, LAUGH IN style?) and say things like, “Dear God, is it only 9am?”


“Dear God, 13 diapers is enough for one day isn’t it?”


“Dear God, people can’t really tell I haven’t showered in a few days can they?”

BUT we aren’t sure we have AWESOME ideas yet. And we want to BRING DOWN THE HOUSE with our hillariousness!

So if you want to PLEASE PLEASE help us… will you leave a comment with some ideas?

We’re actually doing two skits, one with letters to God from children and one with letters to God from moms. But it’s the MOM one we need help with! And it doesn’t have to be all about being a mom to little ones… we’re missing some funny stuff since we don’t have teenagers yet!

No prize for this, just my unending gratitude! THANKS!