My sweet friend and fellow photographer, Emily, is due soon with her second baby and her first little girl. We knew we got to do her newborn photos but we wanted to do something else for her while also trying out an idea we had. It’s so fun to experiment on friends! HA! So we grabbed our AWESOME stylist, Katie Mohr, the entire Southerland clan and headed to The Hill in the windy+cold+rainy weather this weekend. And we played. With an idea that was brewing in my head. Thank goodness I am surrounded by supportive+creative+hard working people because we were able to pull this little idea off super fast and with no frostbite! It was so much fun collaborating with not only Kim and now Katie, but also Emily! Her and I were able to take some ideas Kim and I had and transform them to really fit, well, Emily! Because Emily loves to write. She journals and blogs and used to teach English. She also loves to sew and bake. She’s crazy talented is basically all I’m saying! So there were a ton of directions we could have taken this session but ultimately Em and I landed on writing and it stuck. And from there, well, the idea was born and the rest is history!

I hope you guys like the video! More to come from this session later this week!

And will we be adding VIDEO as an add-on for maternity sessions? HECK YEAH! We have another one scheduled already for April and we’re SO excited to customize another session like this for a completely different family!

Anyway, enjoy!

dear lucy from jodie allen on Vimeo.