And did you know that means you have to buy teacher gifts?

Because I totally forgot until about 7pm last night when I frantically ran around Hobby Lobby trying to figure out what I could make that would WOW their preschool teachers b/c you know, it’s all about the teacher gift.

So after that quick shopping spree I then had to MAKE the six gifts. Oh and hand sew a birthday wand for Bailey’s BFF, b/c today’s her birthday party and she asked me for one. So I was crafting until midnight last night and then working until 2am. Up at 6am.

Where is the in-house fountain soda machine I asked Santa for?

So this is NOT a day to blog. I have NO time this morning but I am already a day late announcing the Vol.25 overlay winner AND we had a great newborn twin session yesterday.

This will be quick, and I apologize… just a lot on my plate today…


Last night I read Bailey all the names and she picked YOU b/c Kate’s little sister and Gray’s girl friend is Kelsey, and so is a favorite baby sitter! Lucky you had that name! 🙂 Email Jessica Rose and she’ll send you your choice in overlays! AWESOME! Thanks again Jessica!

AND a quick sneak peek! We’ll do more later…

Livie and Ellie… super cute one month old girls!




And big brother Frankie!

It was a great session… and we’ll blog more later… when I’m not exhausted from four hours of crating last night!