Today we are celebrating a birthday.  A double digit birthday.  My Samuel is TEN.

On the heels of the “I’m out of babies” post, here is another!  Samuel is our fourth child, the third boy right in a row, just 13 months younger than Jonathan, who is 13 months younger than Billy.   He came into the world after being served eviction papers in the form of induction… and surprising us at a bouncing 10 pounds 6 ounces (we had an ultrasound a few days prior that showed him only at 9 pounds).  Samuel was a very, um, demanding baby.  He earned the title “tick” because he was always attached to me, and just did not require a whole lot of sleep.  He’s also never really realized he is the younger of the boys, and so did everything at an accelerated schedule…. he was walking at 8 months, rode his bike without training wheels at 3, and was an ice skating fool at the same time.  It’s really hard to remember that this boy was ever demanding or difficult, because he has grown into the most mellow and sweet young man (and he is a GREAT sleeper now! ha!).  He is gentle and kind and soft spoken.  He adores sports and is a sports encyclopedia despite Bill & I really not being huge pro-sports fans… Sam knows players, stats, history, etc. (and yes, he is glued to the Super Bowl and so excited it fell on his birthday!) He was born with very red and very curly hair, that has now turned into a strawberry blond with only a hint of wave.  (and he has always sworn he doesn’t have red hair)  I adore his sprinkle of freckles and those hazel with a hint of amber eyes.

I truly feel so lucky to be able to parent this boy.  He is so responsible that he makes the job easy!