We have a visitor that comes the day after Thanksgiving and leaves us the night before Christmas. His name is Elfkin. He is our Elf on a Shelf and we learned about the tradition last year HERE. The kids LOVE it. And last year I rocked it! Elfkin did crazy things and hid in funny places which the kids loved. Because you see, the purpose of Elfkin is he watches over the kids during the day and at night he magically flies back to Santa to let him know how good they’re being! And then every morning he comes back and hides in a new spot. So that when the kids wake up the first thing they do is look for Elfkin. I’m talking running and screaming through the house looking for him and then running and screaming into our room at the crack of dawn to drag us out of bed to show us where he’s hiding.. .you know… right where we hid him the night before!

So Friday the kids woke up and found Elfkin sitting on Bailey’s horse up high in their room. And they almost DIED they were SO excited!

Then Saturday they woke up and found Elfkin sitting on Bailey’s horse up high in their room. And when Bailey came in all concerned that he hadn’t visited Santa I told her there was a HUGE snow storm and he couldn’t make the trip. Which she told everyone she met that day because she was so worried about Santa!

Then today they woke up and found Elfkin sitting on Bailey’s horse up high in their room. Because I suck at being a parent and forgot AGAIN to hide the damn elf! And when Bailey came running into our room at 6am today to tell us that Elfkin STILL hadn’t moved all I could do was roll over, look at C and mouth “SHIT!”

Luckily my five year old and her younger siblings still believe ANYTHING I tell them and as soon as they went downstairs I ran into their room, moved the damn elf and wrote a note that “explained” it all… turning Elfkin into a SNEAKY little elf this year!

When we went up to get dressed Bailey noticed right away that he was gone and couldn’t believe her eyes! Here is a couple pics of her finding him this morning…

She then ran right down to show Daddy Elfkin’s SILLY note!

And she was so proud she could read it herself!

Tonight, the SECOND they all fell asleep I moved him! UGH! I’m going to have to write a note on my hand or something this year! If you haven’t tried this tradition, it’s worth it… it’ll be a fun family tradition for years I think b/c you know I’m totally hiding this little guy when they come home from college still! HA!