Oh yes oh yes we love this family! But MAN was Ella a tough cookie for her session! Totally not what we were expecting since at the Mohr Mini’s she stole the show! Like I said in that post… ah babies! You just never know!  We love seeing Bridie and SO wish Ella had not been getting multiple teeth that day so she’d have been a bit happier… but she really didn’t feel good! Bridie emailed and said she napped for three hours that afternoon, proving she really wasn’t feeling well. Anyway, smiles or not Ella is SO adorable! And smiles or tears we still love this little girl and her sweet family!

The headbands we used with Ella are from a new shop we just found called Charming Necessities! She has the most AMAZING clothing as well! Make sure to check her out!

As always, thanks for reading!