Just wanted to pop on here today to send out a HUGE apology plus thank you to all of our clients for your patience with me the last 6 weeks.

I am STILL catching up on work, mainly emails and sending out orders, from when parker was sick. And the last 12 days of sick in this house hasn’t helped anything!

If you emailed me a while back and have yet to hear from me, please resend it b/c I am feeling a bit more caught up so if I haven’t gotten back to you I might have missed you. And if you have an outstanding order IT IS COMING THIS WEEK!

This next week our family WILL be healthy, we have no family in town and it is my catch-up week! Plus a few fun sessions tossed in and some summer fun activities but mostly catching up! Laundry too b/c if our mothers saw how behind I already am after they did 30+ loads for me they would die!

Also, just a quick Parker update for anyone still thinking of her… her VCUG came back normal! No reflux into her kidneys! Her bladder isn’t voiding urine completely and although that can be totally normal, with her extra ureter on the left side plus the fact that they can’t explain just WHY she got so sick they worry about the chance of her getting another infection. SO they have her on a daily antibiotic and will do monthly UAs (urine analysis) to just make sure everything is ok… they also do a UA anytime she has a fever which has been TWICE in the last two weeks! UGH! But so far so good and everything’s normal.

That being said, our pediatrician did recently review all three kid’s charts and once they are all well, most likely this week, she’s ordering some immune testing done on them b/c although lots of families are sick a lot, we haven’t gone more then a few weeks in over THREE years without a sick visit or sick call. She thinks that’s just a little bit more than usual and although we’re hoping everything is just fine, both Chris and I are glad to get these tests done just to make sure there isn’t a reason our kids are sick so often. And also praying this virus that just left our house will be the LAST major illness for a while! Maybe we can change the record starting NOW!

And, thanks again to all who prayed for Parker+our family the last month or so. Still haven’t finished all the thank you notes! 🙂

On that note we are heading out to our softball game! HA! C and I play co-ed softball on Sunday’s for our church and we LOVE it! Enjoy the last minutes of your weekend!