If you ask Kim and I what we do we don’t say that we’re “photographers”, we say that we’re “newborn photographers”, because that’s what we consider our specialty. We work hard at all of our sessions and we enjoy them all too (even weddings!) but our passion lies with the littlest people we work with!

And although we love newborn sessions we LOVE to be there for the birth. There is just something you can’t describe about witnessing a birth. It’s miraculous and joyful and exciting and emotional and so so wonderful there really aren’t words to describe it adequately.

Yesterday morning when I was running around trying to get us all ready to head out the door to school+work I grabbed my phone and noticed three texts from Tara. She wasn’t due until December 30th so part of me wasn’t registering what I was reading because what I was reading was that she was in labor! And I was NOT expecting the baby to come so soon! And I was certainly NOT prepared for it to be yesterday! A few frantic calls later working out child care and making sure Kim had worked out child care we were set and by lunch time we were walking in their room! There is something fun about the frantic nature of photographing a birth… having to stop your life to be there to welcome (and capture) a baby into the world is pretty neat.

And welcoming little Emerson into the world was amazing. Derek and Tara’s families are awesome, the day was so fun and well, let’s just let the images do the talking today! BTW… let me give credit where credit is due… Kim took all of these shots as I was taking mostly video (the video will come soon!) and I think she rocked it out! Way to shoot my friend!

Tara and Derek, it was a pleasure and a great honor to be with you both yesterday.

Welcome to the world Emerson Laine! You are one gorgeous little girl! And we can’t wait to see you in a week… we have headbands ready for that dark hair!