Over the weekend Kim and I got to shoot together! AHHHH it’s so nice to have her around! She just makes me laugh and we get one another. Rarely do we even need to talk about the positions or shots we’re getting because somehow we just know. It’s awesome.

And do you know what else is awesome? Having Katie Mohr around! Her styling is SO amazing! Seriously, every senior and family and well, anyone should hire her to be at your session. She pulled that blazer from the back of Evalyn’s closet and it was a piece she didn’t ever wear but holy cow it was gorgeous!

Of course I can’t forget how great Rich and Evalyn are! We are photographing their wedding this June (we are NOT wedding photographers but we do a few a year for friends or clients… it’s a long story but we’ve been working with Rich for a few years on various projects) and we can’t wait! Thanks so much for letting us explore new locations you guys!