Hi all!


It’s going to be hard to go to sleep I’m still on such a high! Right now we have 20 sessions booked! TWENTY! That’s $4,000 in ONE day you guys! Can you believe it? And I think we can do better!!!

So because there is quite a bit of info I need to get out right now I’m going to do it in list form… feel free to email me with questions! AND if you did email today I am going to try to get to them all tonight but some may have to wait until tomorrow… bear with me while I get everything sorted out!

1. March 26th at Kirkwood Park (back by the shooting range) and the times are from 8am-11am and 1pm-6pm.

2. 20 minute sessions and we’re squeezing THREE in each hour!

3. You must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your session and our sweet friend Missy Lang will check you in.

4. Payment is due by March 5th (all checks made out to Katie Mohr) or your slot opens up!

5. There will be two “sets” designed and executed by Katie Mohr. I will let her email all that have booked and PAID (you will not get an email from her until we have your check!) with the details but her ideas are awesome! She will help you choose clothing and at the sessions she will be there helping pose the kids and setting the scene. Think very whimsical and bright and fun!

6. If you are a photographer and are interested in learning more about how to run mini sessions, want to watch us work, want to chat with us for 2 hours over our lunch break, etc the cost for a full day of mentoring is $250 and again the money goes directly to the Mohr family! This is NOT a time to learn your camera. It IS a time to learn, watch, shoot, ask, etc. This is NOT a workshop. We are actually working with real clients. You’ll be in the trenches with us! Time from 7am-7pm.

7. We’d LOVE someone to donate lunch to us at the park! We won’t be able to leave so if there is a kind soul out there that would bring us lunch we’d be forever grateful!!! Otherwise we’ll be calling our friends at Imo’s! Hey maybe they’ll donate… hmmm…

8. If you own a business and want to donate something for a treat bag it might be a great way to get your name out there to our clients! A coupon, a small item, a gift card, etc. would be awesome! We will have 24 sessions plus lots of people helping so plan for about 30 people!

9. If ANY clothing or hat or HEADBAND artists are out there we would LOVE some merchandise to help Katie add to outfits! Hair accessories for girls would be especially appreciated and we KNOW there are some talented ETSY sellers that read this blog!!! We need them for KIDS b/c all we own ourselves are for newborns! HELP! We will feature your store/shop and you can use the images for your site!

10. We’d still love to giveaway a few more sessions! Right now we can giveaway TWO free sessions but we have gotten a lot more amazing nominations we’d like to help! PLEASE send us $10 (or whatever God puts on your heart to give) so we can bless deserving families WHILE we bless the Mohrs! If you want to donate please email [email protected] OR if you have a deserving family you’d like to nominate shoot me an email also!

THANK YOU to all that have offered to come volunteer the day of the minis! We have already scheduled all the help we’ll need but we so appreciate your offer to give of your time!

THANK YOU to the NINE families already donating to sessions for someone else. AWESOME doesn’t even describe it!

THANK YOU to all that have spread the word, have booked a session, nominated a family or donated money. It’s all going to such a great cause and because of the super radical internet we can actually see our money+time in action when that baby is home, in the arms of his parents and growing up in the most loving of homes! How cool is that?

Katie and Russ are OVERWHELMED with the giving today. I just talked to her earlier and we all can’t get over the generosity that abounds from this blog. A little photography blog! Who knew!

We will resume to regular scheduled blogging soon with two sweet babies this weekend!

Can I say THANK YOU one last time???