Bear with me.

I am one week in at my new job and so far am finding the balance between Fresh Art and KCCI a challenge. Not to mention keeping the house together and being a good mom+wife+daughter+friend+sister.


Chris left at 7:30am. I fed the kids breakfast, cleaned the table and got them dressed. We straightened the house. I rearranged their clothing (got a ton of amazing hand-me-downs this week! Thanks Amy!) and cleaned out their drawers. I got dressed and washed my face+brushed my teeth (finally). We headed up to my parents house so I could take photos of a project for their blog. The MacBrydes met us over there so I could get some quick photos of their kids. One hour, lots of sweat and tons of photos later we headed home. Detoured to McDonald’s so I could get an ice tea b/c I choose, of course, the busiest week of my life to give up soda. Cold turkey. We did an art project (details on that soon over at Jodified). Had a snack. I ate an early lunch. Went to the library where the girls got their first library cards (I had them copy the applications for me for the summer scrapbook!). We picked out books and signed up, crazy late, for the summer reading program. Went home and put a book-on-CD on for them while I made lunch. They sat quietly and listened (my kids LOVE audio books!). We ate a picnic lunch in the living room and I read the library books. The last book we read was about a kid who painted themselves so we finished lunch, I mixed some tempra paint and we went outside to paint our bodies. The kids painted, I photographed it (will show up at Jodified later) and they ended up with a hose-washing party. Went inside, cleaned up and started naps. I ran to the shower, debriefed Chris on our day from the shower when he got home and am now at KCCI getting ready to start work. I will work here for 4 hours before I pick up Kim for an evening maternity shoot.

It’s almost 2pm, I’m exhausted and on no caffeine!


All that to say.

I am trying really hard to be good for everyone. My kids, Fresh Art and KCCI. And everyone else in my life.

But it’s going to take me a little time to balance it all out.

I’ve gotten a million emails and I will respond as soon as possible. If you are due to receive our welcome packet I am still waiting on one piece from our lab (they messed it up TWICE in the last two weeks) but it’s coming, I swear. All orders should be out but if I’m missing someone’s please let me know. If you called I might have forgotten b/c I suck at phone calls right now so please try again.

I’m trying.

And now you know why slowing down Fresh Art will be good for us all! If we’re shooting 4 families a month as opposed to 20 I will actually be able to keep track of them and give them the attention they deserve!

Thanks for your patience while my life is in the air, you have NO idea how much I appreciate it!

Hoping to update Jodified this weekend with all the happenings of late so check in there if you want photos of my kids (mom and Terri!) and otherwise have a great weekend!