Today was one of those days.

In the end it was good. I mean, looking back at the end of today, it was good. And the end was good too.

It was just a day that I didn’t sit down until almost 10pm. A day I went from the dryer buzzer to a poopy diaper to “color with me Mommy” to client emails to the phone ringing to caring for Chris to well, you get the idea.

Truly, I’ve had so much help with the kids I can’t complain. Because if they were here 24-7 right now it would push me over the edge. My concern for Chris, the house, our work, etc. My plate feels pretty full right now. But I can’t complain because we have SO MUCH help and are so blessed.

Did I tell you that yesterday while we were at the hospital my mom sent down her cleaning lady to strip and remake our bed and clean the bathroom? To help de-germ our house. And she also went out and bought new pillows and new sheets b/c I wasn’t there to do laundry and the idea of sleeping on “sick” pillows freaked me out. And my MIL went out and bought a new shower curtain rod, curtain and liner b/c when Chris had projectile puke on Tues I couldn’t figure out how to clean the little rolly-ball-thingys the curtain hangs on (yes his puke went that high) so I freaked, yanked the whole thing down and threw it away. Have I mentioned I HATE throw up? OMG. Hate it.

And like I said, the kids have been so well cared for. And they are happy. And had some good time at home today but are sleeping again at my in-laws b/c last night I was up with Chris a lot… he was having some intense hallucinations. And the thought of being up with him and then getting up at 5am with the kids seemed like too much. Because you know, right now I am hanging on by a thread.

It’s just the worry I guess. Which should be gone because although Chris is still in serious and intense pain (head and neck) he is starting to feel better. Or at least he could handle light today. And got out of bed to shower. It’s just all the other worry too. Like how are we going to pay for all of this, how long will he feel so bad, praying the kids don’t get it, praying I don’t get it, hating how behind in work I am, the pile of laundry (even after the NINE loads I did today), etc.

My plate feels full.

But the best part?

It’s full with good stuff too. It’s like I’ve just mentioned the veggies and left off the best part… dessert!

The kids ARE healthy and I feel fine too. My Christmas shopping is almost done and it hasn’t bankrupted us. Our clients are so understanding that sometimes life does get in the way. We have the most amazing family and friends who support us through the good and bad times. Chris will feel better and H1N1 is a whole heck of a lot better than Meningitis. The laundry will get done eventually and at least now we all have clean underwear.

So my plate is full and as I sit here, needing to go to bed I just feel thankful.

And I feel the need to say thanks to you for letting me just talk and for not making me feel bad for not posting any new photos in a few days. And for the constant comments and emails full of support.

It’s killing me but I’m going to go to bed without watching the Project Runway finale! Something to get me through all the filing I will do in the morning before I pick up the kids! HA! Don’t tell me who won!