I’ve been on a craft kick lately with the girls. We’ve started some projects for Christmas gifts even! Working ahead this year will make my life SO much easier come December! And I’ll share all of that, but let’s at least get through Halloween first!

My goal in art projects with my kids is to stretch them out. Mainly b/c art supplies can get pricey and my kids can go through a pack of stickers in 5 seconds flat. At $2+ a pack it’s expensive! So I try to think of things that are lots of steps… it helps with cost AND it keeps up busy. I also like that they are working towards a goal and have to wait a bit to see the finished project.

Here are a few of the Halloween things we’ve made already this week.


I got this idea from my friend, Emily over HERE. I changed it a bit and here’s what we did…

1. I grabbed some old scrapbook paper and the girls and I tore it into little bits (this was in the early morning)

2. I taped down contact paper sticky side UP

3. The girls laid down the torn paper trying to fill the contact paper sheet all the way up (this step was later in the morning)

4. I cut their first letter out and set it on the torn paper

5. I laid another sheet of contact paper down, smoothing as I went, and then cut the whole laminated mess into a pumpkin shape

6. Because it was see-through I glued it onto more scrapbook paper, added a stem and DONE!


We have a P and a B pumpkin and they look really cute by our front door!

Next… we painted…


I cut an apple in half, gave them a paper plate of orange paint (I actually squirted reds, pinks, oranges and yellows b/c they like to mix!) and have them stamp a bunch of paper. Once dry I cut them out and added the face. This was a one-step project for the girls but they love them now that they see they are pumpkins… if you have older kids they could do their own faces!



I painted the girl’s hands on the palm and half-way up their fingers and we stamped paper. Once dry they glued on google eyes and then I added the face.


To add another step I decided to let bailey do the faces and I think she rocked it out!



I painted the girls feet with white paint, stamped them on black paper. Once dry they painted on modge podge and sprinkled glitter. Once dry they glued on eyes! THREE steps! Love this one! It’s a ghost.. get it? That was Bailey’s foot and here’s Parker’s foot…


Do you see how big Parker’s arch is? Bailey’s foot was just flat in comparison! Is that normal?

Most of those ideas were either from HERE or HERE. I think!



This is actually from last year but thought I would share today anyway…

I bought these little ornaments from a craft shop and had the girls paint them orange. Once dry they painted on modge podge but this time I had pre-mixed in the glitter. I added the ribbons.


On the back I added another ribbon and bead with a scrap of paper that just says “Bailey 2008”. I love this little pumpkin and it makes a great decoration!

Most things I try to do in multiple steps like I said… it really makes it fun and they don’t get bored waiting for paint to dry!

A few other shares today…


My office wall where some of my favorite things are hanging! Mostly things I’ve bought from favorite artists like HER and then a few gifts from clients. I love decorating my walls in random ways like this b/c I can always add to the chaos! This part of my office just makes me so happy!

AND just to show you what my afternoon will be filled with, in-between the WORK I am trying to rock out today and after the RUN I’m going on with a friend…





This house is a MESS with little piles and messes EVERYWHERE! And I swear just days ago it was spotless! So work NOW, run at 1pm and clean until the kids come home!

I’ll be back with a sneak peek later of cute 6 month old twins and I’ll be back soon with the other Halloween crafts we’re working on!

Have a great one!