Have you ever taken a photograph and gotten a glimpse into a child’s future self? It happens for me every once in a while and mostly with my own kids. A certain look or smile or just a little something that lets you see them at age 15 or 20.

This photo kills me because I see the teenage Bails in this. And I want to hold onto the little six year old that still comes to me for hugs and cuddles.  The baby girl that loves to be read to and who plays pretend with her brother and sister. I’m going to hold tight and treasure this little girl I can hold in my arms because soon enough this little glimpse is going to be my reality and I’m just not ready yet. I feel so lucky that God gives us these glimpses as a reminder to enjoy these precious days with our kids.

I’m so so glad summer is here so I can enjoy more time with all my kiddos!