The kids are gone, at my mom’s for the day, I’ve answered a bunch of emails, messed around on Formspring (thanks for the questions!) and popped onto Twitter. Oh, and yes, of course I read a few blogs on Reader.

It is now time to get OFF MY ARSE and get moving (like Bubba up there!)! I have six hours to get this house all decked out in hearts and clean top to bottom for Saturday’s mini sessions! Which are totally booked! Whew! We have 15 kids to shoot that day and I realized this morning we left ourselves NO TIME for lunch! Thank goodness I can send Chris out on a food run if I need to!

I have Valentine projects and decorating ideas to share, a sad tale to tell of a dearly departed family member (not human, or actually alive for that matter) and lots of kid pics to post.


Yesterday I got everything HALF DONE. Except for some completed decoration ideas there is a mess in EVERY ROOM OF OUR HOUSE. I might just have to make time to run to QT for a soda so I have energy for all this running and jumping and cleaning and decorating I have to do!

Oh, and if you drive by my house today (which I know a lot of you do!)… HONK b/c it will remind me to get the giant Santa off the porch finally! Seriously, every time I think to take it in, the thought flies right out of my head. Honks will remind me! HA!

Alright people, I haven’t said it in a while but GO!


Oh, and enjoy it!