A lot has changed since I was “Jodified” six years ago. Kim and I came together to form Fresh Art, there were new websites, new pricing, new offerings, etc. As a small business owner I have to continually make sure my financial goals are being met, that I can keep up with my competition, that I have fun things to offer my clients, that I’m growing and learning as an artist and SO much more. Being a photographer is not just taking a photo and burning a disc. At least it isn’t for me. It’s a business. A very serious business that helps to feed my family.

When your business grows so much in six years you are bound to lose clients and I think that’s the hardest part. I get to know my clients and become friends with a lot of them so when I see them leave me for someone else it does hurt a little. I understand, of course, but it still hurts. So for all of the clients that have stuck it out with me through all the ups and downs of the last six+ years, well, they truly mean the WORLD to me.

Danielle is one of them.

I first met her years ago when she booked me to photograph her, her boyfriend and their best friends down in Soulard. Now, between her and Bridie (her best friend I met that first day), we’ve had too many photo shoots to count! They now have three kids (with one on the way… yeah Bridie!) between them and it has been amazing to watch their families grow!

Danielle mailed her payment for her session the same week I held the 18 mini sessions for Cathy and in her payment was not only her check for the session but also a gift card to my favorite boutique (Moonbeams)! She said that she wanted to treat me to something special since I was doing something so special for someone else. Isn’t that amazing? Talk about a big heart!

This family is so incredibly dear to me and it was AWESOME to get to photograph them all together! It was their first family session and we had a blast! Bryce and Grady were so great even though it was super chilly! The Anytime Mini Session is a great session to capture your family!

Thanks so so much Danielle for trusting me with your family for so many years!